Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Islam
Georgiana Constantin
Discusses the tension between Western and Eastern definitions of human rights and some of the problems caused from the differing views

Alexei Malashenko
Mideast Attitudes Toward the West
Jessica Davidson
Using contemporary social networking sites, Jessica Davidson, Dr. Stephen Bowers, and Elizabeth Garnett of Liberty University have prepared a survey in which respondents indicate why they might dislike or admire Western society and democratic ideals. 

Jessica Davidson
Musharraf and the Supreme Court of Pakistan
Thomas Houlahan
A study by Dr. Houlahan that concludes Pakistan’s Supreme Court takes much more of a strict constructionist approach than the United States Supreme Court. 
Encyclopedia of Jihad
Alexei Malashenko, Stephen R. Bowers and Valeria Ciobanu
Once believed to be a relic of history, the notion of Islamic jihad regained a political role in the 1980s. While “great jihad” implies peaceful activity, “small jihad” denotes the use of violence.
There has never been a war in which Christians and Muslims have participated where the latter has not appealed to the slogan of holy war.

Thomas Houlahan
Valeria Ciobanu
Stephen R. Bowers
The Islamic State
Thomas Houlahan
Explains the inception of the Islamic State and attempts to explain how the Islamic State works and answer questions surrounding conflicts involved with the Islamic State.
Frederick E. Schulze

Center for Security and Science

Georgiana Constantin