Pentakos: Five Artists of  Kosovo

The Woodrow Wilson Center was the site of an exhibit of Kosovar art on 19 May 2009. Dr. Stephen Bowers and CSS Executive Assistant Melissa Allen have prepared a report on that event which was hosted by the Embassy of Kosovo.  

Conference on Georgia's Rose Revolution 
On 17 January 2008, working through the Helms School of Government, we hosted a conference in Washington, DC on the future of Georgia's Rose Revolution. The main presentations were make by Ambassador Richard Miles, former US Ambassador to Georgia, DCM Malkhaz Mikeladze and Senior Counselor George Kaladze of the Embassy of Georgia, and Ambassador Ceslav Ciobanu. 
Conference on the Post-Communist Transitions in Albania & Georiga

In April, 2008, the Helms School of Government and the CSS - working with the Albanian and Georgian Embassies in Washington - organized a conference dealing with issues related to these nations' post-communist transition. The main speaker for the one day conference was Albanian Ambassador Salabanda. Students from the Helms School participated in this event. 
Georgian Republic Trip Report

In May-June, 2007, Dr. Bowers led a group of Liberty University students the the Republic of Georgia. Their meetings and activities in Georgia were coordinated by the Ministry of Defense and directed by Maia Mushkudiani. 
Conferences 2003-2005

In this period we hosted a series of conferences in Washington, DC, at our overseas office in Moldova, and on our campus here in Virginia. These meetings created opportunities for students and faculty to meet with individuals directly involved in the events that are part of the post-communist transition. 
Seminar on Kosovo's Independence

On 7 April, as part of our continuing work on the Balkans and in cooperation with the Embassy of Kosovo, we hosted a seminar on Kosovo's independence. The event was held at the Kosovo Embassy on 19th Street in Washington, DC. 
Operation Groundhog

In the Spring 2015 Term at Liberty University, Dr. Bowers, with the help of student, Josh Connor, ran a counter-intelligence operation in four of his classes.  
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