Dr. Kassira has over twenty-five years experience in the field of epidemiology and public health in the United States and abroad.
• State of Maryland, Department of Health & Mental Hygiene U.S.A 1987-2005, Epidemiologist. In this position, he investigated communicable disease outbreaks.
• Centers for Disease Control (CDC), International Health Program Office, Atlanta, 1991-1994

Educational background:
• PhD. in Microbiology/Epidemiology, The George Washington University, Washington, DC,
• MA, M.Sc. in Hygiene, Harvard School of Public Health, Boston.
• MD, M.P.H. in Epidemiology, The Johns Hopkins University School of Public Health, Baltimore,
• M.D., University of Baghdad Medical College, Baghdad.


Our staff consists of experienced analysts with extensive backgrounds in academia, diplomacy, science, and the political arena.
Stephen Bowers,Director
Edward N. Kassira, MD, MPH, Ph.D.
Gregory A. Itskovich, Ph.D.
Steven Alan Samson, Ph.D.
Cătălina Popescu, Research Associate
Georgiana Constantin, Research Associate
Kyle Statham, Research Associate
Becca Bruder
Ceslav Ciobanu
Filip Răzvan Ghițescu
Frederick E. Schultze
Thomas Houlahan
Valeria Ciobanu



Educational background:
St. Andrews University, Scotland
Schultze is a graduate of Central Connecticut State (1989)
and Connecticut Wesleyan (1995)

He is the author of "Breaking the cycle: Empirical Research in Post-Graduate Studies on Terrorism" in Andrew Silke's highly acclaimed

Research on Terrorism: Trends, Achievements, and Failure (2004).
He is the co-author of "The Politics of Perceptions" which appeared in the July, 2005 issue of the Armed Forces Journal.


Ceslav Ciobanu is Senior Research Scholar with the Center for Security and Science. He served as Moldovan Ambassador to the US from 1999 through 2003. Previously, he was an economics advisor to Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev. Following the collapse of the USSR, he assumed responsibility for Moldova’s economic privatization program. He has a PhD in Economics from Moscow State University. He is now an Associate Professor of Economics at Virginia State University.


J.D. Franklin Pierce Law Center, Concord, N.H. (1995)
M.S. (Government) Campbell University, Buies Creek, N.C. (1987)
B.S. (Social Sciences) Campbell University, Buies Creek, N.C. (1985)
Military Analyst, state-wide (New Hampshire) television and radio during the Gulf Conflict
Political Columnist (1990-92), New London (N.H.), Times, The Hometown Messenger,The Highland Journal.
Author, Gulfwar: The Complete History (1999).
Lecturer: James Madison University, Fort Hood and Fort Knox
Adjunct Researcher, House Asian and Pacific Affairs Subcommittee (1988-90)
Member, New Hampshire House of Representatives (1992-94).

Director of the Center for Security and Science;
Professor of Government, Helms School of Government, Liberty  University, Lynchburg, Virginia;
Member of the faculties of Berry College and Floyd Junior College in  Rome, Georgia and of Tennessee Wesleyan College in Athens,  Tennessee.
Lecturer, Special Warfare Center, Ft. Bragg;
Joint Staff Officer, Special Operations Command (Europe), Stuttgart,  Germany;
Operations Staff Officer, US Special Operations Command MacDill Air  Force Base, Tampa, Florida;
Advisor, US Department Of State, Partnership for Peace Program,  Moldova, 1995;
Guest of Moldovan Parliament, 1991;
Vice-Rector, Romanian American University;
Co-authored Technology and Terrorism: The New Threat for the  Millenium, 1998.
Author Ethnic Politics in East Europe, 1992, as well as numerous  publications dealing with Eastern Europe and contemporary issues of  international terrorism.


Researcher and Director for Romanian Affairs

BBA - International Business - Romanian American University, Bucharest
MBA – James Madison University, Harrisonburg, VA
Work Experience:
Project Manager, German Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and
Consumer Protection / Romanian-German-Italian PHARE Twinning
Project “Further Support for the Full Implementation of the Integrated
Administration and Control System (IACS) in Romania”, Bucharest,
Romania Mar 2006 – ongoing;
Counselor for European Affairs – Romanian Ministry of European
Integration/Romanian Ministry of Agriculture, Bucharest, Romania
Oct 2003 – Mar 2006;
Programmer – SNP Petrom SA, Bucharest, Romania,
Oct 2001 – Oct 2003;
Program Coordinator, William R. Nelson Institute for Public Affairs, Harrisonburg VA
Academic & Research:
Co-authored the research paper “Economic Crime in Romania”. The study was published in 2001 in
the Journal of Social, Economic and Political Science (Washington, DC)
Between 2004 and 2005 I represented Romania at the “Control with Remote Sensing in Agriculture”
conferences - organized by the European Commission (DG – Joint Research Center).
Participated to workshops and conferences organized by DG-JRC/Agrifish



Valeria is a lawyer who has worked with the Moldovan President's Documentation Service. She has focused much of her activities on the problem of human rights. In 1997 and 1998 she worked with the Moldovan Helsinki Committee for Human Rights as a lawyer, programs coordinator and program assistant. In this quality she organized workshops on Human Rights in the Penitentiary System of the Republic of Moldova, on the Rights of the Refugees and of the Internal Displaced Persons in Republic of Moldova, as well as on Human Rights in Electoral Platforms of Political Parties. She participated in several international seminars on human rights in Poland, Uzbekistan, Ukraine and Canada. Valeria is fluent in English, Russian and Romanian.



Professional experience:

• Organization of health-related educational projects and their implementation in cooperation with US and foreign officials and industry leaders
• Establishment of hospital departments, clinics, medical universities
• Training of faculties, physicians and technical personal
• Overall management of visits to the USA of foreign officials and their medical teams
• Cooperation with medical institutions, philanthropic organizations to secure funding of overseas projects
• Coordination of design and manufacture of electronic diagnostic instruments
• Distance education
• Clinical telemedicine
• Writing grant requests for funding of overseas projects

Educational background:

Biomedical Engineering, Medical College of Virginia/Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, Virginia. In residence since 1992
Ph.D. in Medical Engineering. State Military Medical Academy, Leningrad, USSR, 1984
MS in Medical Engineering, Electra-Technical Institute Leningrad, U.S.S.R., 1980
B.S. in Electro-Mechanics and Telecommunications, Electra-Technical College, Kishinev, Moldova.
Research Associate

Graduate of Liberty University with a B.A. in Government: International Relations. He serves in the US Virginia National Guard as a reconnaissance scout. He is a founder of an organization called Area Vitae taking the initiative to alleviate the problems of world's orphan population through education reform, while teaching selective college college courses in Bucharest, Romania as a Distance Learning Intensive instructor. 

Master of Arts in Public Policy at Liberty University (anticipated May 2019)
Bachelor of Arts in International Relations – Politics and Policy at Liberty University 
She has international experience as she was born and raised in Brazil and visited many other countries. She is currently writing her master’s thesis on a possible Korean unification and the possible economic and diplomatic consequences it would bring for the United States. 

Researcher, Journalist, Jurist, and Intercultural liaison

Law school graduate who has studied International, European and Romanian law at the Romanian-American University in Bucharest and received her Masters from the Nicolae Titulescu University in Bucharest
Center for Security and Science


He served as a professor of government at Liberty University from 1998 through 2017 when he retired. His research and writing focus on the European and American intellectual, cultural, and constitutional traditions, giving particular attention to their ideological challengers. Beginning in 1977, he taught political science, history, geography, and humanities at a dozen colleges in half a dozen states: Oregon, Indiana, Michigan, Florida, Texas, and Virginia. When the Helms School of Government was founded in 2004, he served for three years as the department chairman. He and his wife Sally, who is a retired R.N., are both from Oregon but currently live in Virginia. They have four grown children and seven grandchildren.

School of Domestic and International Economy of Tourism of the Romanian-American University in Bucharest.


Analysis the political situation in Republic of Moldova. Analysis Moldova’s policies of reintegration. Monitor Reintegration Policies of the Government of Moldova, explaining pathways for increased interaction and integration for these sectors. 
15 years’ experience of working with students. Lecturer at the of European Political and Economic Studies “ConstantinStere”. Taught subjects: Foreign Policy of the Republic of Moldova, Conflict theory, Democracy: theory and practice, Transitology
For five years, I’ve been working as vice-director at the Institute of Political Analysis and Consulting “POLITICON”.
Since 2016, I am expert at the Institute for Development and Social Initiatives (IDIS) “Viitorul”.



Associate Professor of Political Science Pyatigorsk State University Pyatigorsk, Russia
PhD in Political Science, Pyatigorsk State University, 2005  
Thesis topic: “Development of the Institute of Political Parties in the Period of Transformation of Russian Society”  
Language proficiency: Russian and English  
Research and teaching activities and interests 
Relationship between economic and political problems
Economic geography of Russia
Contemporary petroleum related issues
The origin and development of Russian political parties since late 1980s
Role of parties in the Russian political system
Candidate participation in elections of all levels
Monograph: “Political parties: experience of institutionalization and activity in the conditions of democratization of the Russian political system”, published in 2017
Numerous articles in Russian academic journals 


Casey Duff lives in Montana and is employed by an elevator company for which he manages day-to-day operations and is responsible for technological innovations to improve the firm’s competitiveness. He studies market changes in an effort to expand company operations. 

Since his time as a student at the Helms School of Government of Liberty University, Casey Duff has expanded his studies of Russian politics and economics. In particular, he has evaluated how Russia has increased its influence across the European and Middle Eastern political and economic spectrum. Most recently, he has developed comparative assessments of the energy relationship between Ukraine and Russia.



Megan Richardson lives in Virginia and is currently a researcher and Senior at Liberty University where she studies International Relations with a concentration on Politics and Policies. During her time at the Helms School of Government of Liberty University, Megan Richardson has expanded her studies of Eastern European politics, particularly focusing on Russia and Ukraine. In focusing on Russia and Ukraine, she has evaluated the significance of the Azov Battalion, and foreign aid to Ukraine. Most recently, she has developed a foreign policy backgrounder on US foreign aid to Ukraine in light of the recent Russian aggressions.